Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai is the the team of expert lawyers based in Mumbai with 25 years of experience in handling divorce related matters. We have had more than hundreds of successful cases so far about handling divorce maintenance. Book an appointment by using our online facility or give us a call to discuss your case.

At DIVORCE LAWYERS MUMBAI, we have expertise in this complex field of divorce with Non-resident Indians. Court proceedings can be expensive, time-consuming and emotionally challenging. Accordingly, our specialised service helps to minimise these issues. Our team can and will attend court hearings for our clients and keep the need for attendance by a party not resident in India to a minimum. We also embrace alternative methods minimising the need for lengthy travel of our clients, such as video-conferencing and divorce by mutual consent power of attorney. These methods ensure that our clients do not need to travel large distances and lose time in attending court.

Further, we constantly update our clients as to the status of the court proceedings and ensure that any questions they have are answered promptly. We are flexible in our availability and always do our utmost to support clients. This has allowed us to achieve results for our clients not resident in India in resolving disputes they have.



I literally could’t believe the understanding and kindness of Advocate Pandya while Handling my case. We went through the divorce process under “Mutual Consent”. The process was however lengthy but was well handled by the team of expert. Thank you for the great service at affordable cost.

Meera Desai
The team is really professional at what they do, their knowledge and expertise in this field is unimaginable. considering the complexity of my case , I had almost lost the hope for child custody. Advocate Pandya helped me to have interim custody of my child through the tenure of the case and finally I was able to have permanent custody of my son.

Rajesh Tawde