As per Law, a married couple is required to stay in the union for at least a year before being eligible to file for a divorce in the Indian court of law. The divorce procedure according to the Indian Law has been outlined below:

  • The spouses should first shed their fear of the society and talk to each other openly and accept the fact that their marriage has broken.
  • If the spouses in question have a child, or children together, they can decide upon the physical custody of the child or children. The spouses may choose to go into a joint custody or may choose to have exclusive custody of the child or children with special visitation rights for the husband or wife.
  • Once the personal differences have been resolved, the spouses can file a petition at any of the following locations:
  1. Location where the marriage had taken place.
  2. The place where the spouses lived, i.e., their residential place.
  3. The place the wife is residing at the time the petition is filed.
  • After passing of the First Motion, the parties have to wait for six months, commonly known as the cooling off period that may extend up to 18 months for the passing of the second Motion.
  • After the court’s order to dissolve the marriage. The union between the spouses stands dissolved legally.

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